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​Engineering Resilience for Optimal Gut Health



BioColonize™ enhances probiotics by genetically equipping them to colonize effectively in the gut, enabling them to outcompete harmful bacteria and activate their healing properties, leading to improved mucosal healing and intestinal barrier repair.

BioColonize dna strand

How Does it Work?

Not all beneficial bacteria possess the ability to colonize well in the gut, therefore they cannot compete against harmful bacteria, which often possess an enhanced ability to adhere/colonize. If these beneficial microbes are not able to bind and colonize, they cannot activate their healing properties.

BioColonize™ refers to beneficial bacteria, such as a probiotic, with the addition of specific genes that allow the bacteria to colonize more effectively in the gut. This platform of genes contains encodes for a binding protein that was derived from a bacteria known for its ability to colonize well in the gut. This binding protein sticks to sugar molecules that are present on the epithelial cells that line the intestinal tract.

Using this platform of genes, we can take a personalized approach to medicine in which we can insert these genes into a bacteria that is suitable for the individual’s microbiome. A GEMM with this modification can then readily bind to the gut and activate healing mechanisms such as promoting mucosal healing and repairing the intestinal barrier.

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