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​Engineering Resilience for Optimal Gut Health



BioPersist™ ingeniously enhances probiotics with specific genes that enable them to thrive and function effectively in inflamed gut environments, fostering natural anti-inflammatory benefits and allowing for personalized microbial treatments across various hosts.

BioPersist DNA Strand

How Does it Work?

BioPersist™ refers to beneficial bacteria, such as a probiotic, with the addition of specific genes that allow the bacteria to be more efficacious when delivered into the gut. This platform of genes contains an operon that allows the bacteria to maintain its metabolic function in an inflamed environment.

In our gut, microbes must compete for energy resources to maintain its metabolic function. However, bacteria with this genetic modification can use a different energy source that is produced in the gut during inflammation. This small addition of these genes allows into a beneficial bacteria allows it to effectively persist in an inflamed gut and continue to provide its natural anti-inflammatory and healing properties.

Using this platform of genes, we can take a personalized approach to medicine in which we can insert these genes into a bacteria that is suitable for the individual’s microbiome. We also can expand the use of these modifications to be added into bacteria that are tailored for non-human hosts such as horses, pigs, and cats/dogs.

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