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GEMM™ for Human

We innovatively apply GEMM™ technology to enhance gut health and immune response, offering groundbreaking solutions for complex health challenges.

01. Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) is a disease of chronic inflammation in the digestive tract. IBD is a global concern: for every 100,000 people 84.3 have IBD¹. This number is expected to dramatically increase in the coming decades, as the most populated countries in the world are only now beginning to accelerate in new IBD cases.²

The gut microbiome is involved in the pathogenesis of IBD through a complex interplay between the gut microbiome and the immune system. Patients with IBD have a less diverse gut microbiome, with lower levels of beneficial bacteria and higher levels of potentially harmful bacteria. Research suggests that modulating the gut microbiome is a promising therapeutic approach for treating IBD.


To learn more about gut inflammation, watch our animation here.

Melius MicroBiomics is currently preparing to file an Investigational New Drug Application for FDA approval on a GEMM tailored for patients with IBD.


1. Reference: Alatab, S., Sepanlou, S. G., Ikuta, K., Vahedi, H., Bisignano, C., Safiri, S., ... & Naghavi, M. (2020). The global, regional, and national burden of inflammatory bowel disease in 195 countries and territories, 1990–2017: a systematic analysis for the Global Burden of Disease Study 2017. The Lancet gastroenterology & hepatology, 5(1), 17-30.

2. Kaplan, G. G., & Windsor, J. W. (2021). The four epidemiological stages in the global evolution of inflammatory bowel disease. Nature reviews Gastroenterology & hepatology, 18(1), 56-66.

02. Metabolic Disorder

While the main application of our BioPersist™ and BioColonize™ technologies have been focused on IBD thus far, metabolic disease is also a comorbidity of IBD. Metabolic syndromes and Type 2 diabetes are continually increasing in prevalence worldwide, and the gut microbiome is heavily associated with these diseases.¹ Our team at Melius MicroBiomics is investigating current and future GEMM™ technology that can help provide protection against metabolic disease.

Reference: Verdugo-Meza, A., Ye, J., Dadlani, H., Ghosh, S., & Gibson, D. L. (2020). Connecting the dots between inflammatory bowel disease and metabolic syndrome: A focus on gut-derived metabolites. Nutrients, 12(5), 1434.

03. Astronauts

Spaceflight radiation causes inflammation and increased oxidative stress in astronauts, leading to dysbiosis in the gut.


Current probiotics do not survive the harsh conditions of space. Using our GEMM technology, we plan to design a consortium of GEMMs designed to withstand this stressful environment and help provide healing effects in the gut to prevent the side effects astronauts experience from space travel. prevent the side effects astronauts experience from space travel.

04. The Gut-Brain Axis

The gut is in constant bidirectional communication with our brain, also known as the gut-brain-axis (GBA), and our microbiome influences the type of communications that occur. Maintaining a healthy gut can therefore influence various aspects of mental health, including mood disorders and cognitive function. We are currently in discovery and development for GEMM™ technology that can positively impact communication through the GBA.

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