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Our Partnerships

Advancing GEMM™ Research

Melius MicroBiomics Inc. collaborates with the University of British Columbia and Innovate Phytoceuticals Laboratory, leveraging their extensive research and development expertise to enhance our pioneering work in Genetically Engineered Microbial Medicines (GEMM™).


University of British Columbia


MMB and UBC have entered an option agreement to license and commercialize the patented and patent-pending technology relating to GEMM™ - BioPersist™ & BioColonize™.


Pre-clinical trials show the GEMM™ are as or more effective as frontline IBD drugs. We plan to conduct a series of clinical trials to further evaluate GEMM™ in humans and animals. 

Innovate Phytoceuticals laboratory is integrated with full-spectrum R&D and analytical capabilities including testing, formulation, validation, genomic and metabolic fingerprinting, tissue culture and genetic development, and IP development. In Kelowna, Canada, Melius MicroBiomics Inc. is currently incubated by Innovate Phytoceuticals.



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