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GEMM™ for Horses

We pioneer equine health advancements by utilizing GEMM™ technologies to develop evidence-based equine GEMMs, aimed at combating gut dysbiosis in horses.

The Importance of Equine Digestive Health

Horses have been domesticated for several purposes including farm labor, athletic performance, and breeding for their exceptional genetic heritage. Horses also possess a complex digestive system, and within their intestines are tiny microbes including bacteria that aid in their digestion and maintain a healthy gut.¹'²​


At Melius MicroBiomics Inc., we're advancing the field of equine health by addressing the critical issue of gastrointestinal dysfunction in horses. Gastrointestinal dysfunction, also referred to as gut dysbiosis, is a key player in increasing chances of other pathological conditions in horses including colic, metabolic syndrome, and laminitis.³


Horse owners, trainers and veterinarians all recognize the significance of these conditions due to their severe morbidity, mortality and economic loss. Current treatments for such conditions can be extremely costly, and the probiotics available today lack evidence for clinical efficacy and safety for these animals.

Our goal is to employ our cutting-edge BioPersist™ and BioColonize™ technology designed specifically for horses to create evidence-based equine GEMM™. This consortium of GEMM™ will help mitigate the gut dysbiosis in horses and promote overall wellbeing.

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